Menter Ambulance is a private ambulance service in Oswego County that has been owned and operated by the Menter family for over 60 years. The business which was started in 1952 by the late Alfred Menter has grown and changed drastically over the years. In 1952 Alfred Menter purchased one ambulance and two hearses from a gentleman by the name of Frank Spaulding in Fulton, NY. He set up shop on South First Street in Fulton where he did business for many years serving the City of Fulton and surrounding area.

Over the past 60 years the service’s fleet has increased to a total of 16 ambulances, four hearses, a squad, and two Paramedic fly cars. The service’s main headquarters is located on Ontario Street in Fulton but, the company has ambulances stationed in multiple locations around Oswego County including sub stations in Oswego and Central Square to be able to provide quick responses to emergencies in the large area that the service is responsible for providing Emergency Medical Services to seven days a week 24 hours a day.